Reviews are in for A Spanish Harlem Story at the American Theatre of Actors

Don't miss out on it - there's 3 more performances left of A Spanish Harlem Story!

"A Spanish Harlem Story" really rocks the house. After months of futility seeing one bad play after another, I was treated to a very pleasant surprise. James Jennings of The American Theatre of Actors has come up with a winner. "A Spanish Harlem Story" is another terrific theatrical piece written by Steve Silver (who I'm happy to see has won some awards since I last reviewed his work). The characters of Mikey and Manny, played by Silver and Larry Fleischman keep you glued to your seat from start to finish. Both talented actors showed great chemistry. Silver's portrayal of an affable psychotic mobster left me wanting more of his backstory, and the dialogue immerses you in the play's world. The most moving scene, between Manny and his daughter, was played with sensitivity and grace by Eliana Gonzalez. It got me choked up. Ken Coughlin as the tough mobster Uncle Tony and Rooki Tiwari as Rose round out the wonderful cast. Director Laure Rae Waugh choreographs the stage action like a prize fight. Bravo to this fantastic production. I'm going to go see it again and I heartily recommend others do the same." (Yelp)

"The writer gets his message across loud and clear. A Spanish Harlem Story is a real American story of immigrants and their families, criminals, and the other factors that make the area so special. For those people who may be interested in knowing the boundaries of this community, here they are: 96th Street to the south, 5th Avenue to the west, the East River to the east and the Harlem River to the north. In addition, Spanish Harlem is also known as East Harlem and El Barrio, which means the ghetto in Spanish. I recommend theatre goers and non-theatre goers alike to see this play. The play has all of the intrigue of life in New York City, but the audience has to be mindful of the epicenter that creates such a rich and wonderful story to share with the world." (Drama Queens)

"This ATA production was directed with a deft hand by Laurie Rae Waugh. As the play proceeded, her direction increased the emotional tension while using the small playing area effectively, moving the actors well, particularly in a fight scene. Rachel Ladany, stage manager did a good job running lights and sound. The set and props were minimal and created the apartment and social club convincingly. All in all, this was a very satisfying and enjoyable evening of theater. I highly recommend it."(Outerstage)

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